August 14, 2021 San Francisco, CA

THANK YOU to ALL for making this SO FUN!

We just wanted to thank all of you for coming to Bay Team’s Sniff-n-Go yesterday and for making it SO FUN! This was our (and Bay Team’s) first time doing a nosework thing, which we hope will propel Bay Team into becoming a nosework club. We realized all of our best hopes (dogs and people did super, we learned boatloads with hands-on experience, the weather was cool and perfect) and NONE of our worst fears (parking and crowding issues, dogs peeing inside), it was awesome!

HUGE thanks to our sainted judges Wendy Krehbiel and Linda Fletcher and Dave Ellison, and to Lisa White for driving this thing like a NASA mission 😊 totally explaining why it ran like clockwork. The oil in this smooth running machine was our tireless volunteers Mary Lyons (just wanted to learn, didn’t run a dog!), Carol Scott, Julie Craig, Betsy Ramsey, Diana Wilson, Erika Gottl, Angie Allen. This was my first time visiting Golden Gate Dog Sports, wow what a great business, thank you also to Ashley and Liz and all the GGDS people for opening up their immaculate facility to us.

We’d love you to send us any feedback or suggestions you might have – we’re pumped and ready to get going on the next time!

General Info & Premium

Site: Golden Gate Dog Sports,
1305 Carroll Ave
, San Francisco CA 94124

Closing date: Aug 11 2021

Post Closing General Info & Running Order

Premium: Click here for Premium (PDF).

Judges (click on name for bio's):


  • Containers, NW1-NW2-NW3 levels

  • Interiors, NW1-NW2-NW3 levels

Trial Committee

You're all dears for sending us feedback!
  • Lisa, Wendy, Dave, and Linda did a great, I mean great, job of putting this on from beginning to end! Wonderful to work with all of you, thank you! Betsy
  • Thank you Hobo and I had fun! Ida
  • I was so happy to hear that Bay Team is considering getting into nose work, I just had to come and support your efforts. We had a good time and learned what we need to work on. So congratulations on your first nose work event and I hope there will be many more! Mary
  • Thanks for the opportunity. I agree, it seemed to run like clock work. Very efficient. Other than the very distracting smells in the turf, which I’m not sure you can do anything about, my dog had fun. Thanks again. Phyllis
  • Thank you for a fun event. Please thank the volunteers and judges but especially the one that videoed the search for me. The video so helpful to see what was going on with the dog and me! Karen
  • Thank you for organizing it! Bimo and I had fun! :-)
  • It was great to work in a new space without performance pressure! AND to have some great feedback offered. Nosework parking is almost ALWAYS funky, so no big deal😊. Thanks for a good time. Leslie
  • Thanks to you and all your team for some very fun sniffing. Very good searches. One suggestion (from another sniff and go we recently participated in): An answer sheet with hide placement sketch (just rudimentary-nothing fancy) and space for the time to be recorded for searching team. The answer sheet also had a column for judges very short comment (judges option). But you don’t need to have that- if you think people would expect a comment. Anyway, this paper was given to participant at check in - folded in half since it had the ‘answers’. Paper given to judge at start, was written on during, then given to handler immediately after the finish of the last search. This was nice because it’s difficult to remember details/times when searches are run back to back to back to back to back. You had a volunteer to video, so this is not really necessary. Denali had fun searching and I really appreciated an interior with lots of distracting odors for her to work through. Lynn [GREAT IDEA THANKS!! /k]
  • Really a well run, organized and fun event. I hope the Bay Team does more nosework! Lynne
  • Kudos to the club for putting on this well-run event. I was impressed with how things ran on time and how organized the parking situation was. And it was a good training opportunity. Dave was my judge and he made some helpful observations and suggestions. And it was a bonus when a volunteer (Betsy) offered to video our runs. I wasn't expecting that and having those videos is so valuable for training. Thanks to you and your crew for hosting this event. Denise

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