USDAA Western Regional
Sept 3-6 2021 Prunedale, CA

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Congrats to all!!!


  • Bruce Antal and Arrow - ADCH, saturday gamblers

  • Marie Sipes and Kaspur - PDCH, sunday GP1

  • Lisa Spector and Gina - PRCH, friday pairs Rd1 & Rd2

  • Caroline Weil and Hawk - MAD

  • Karen Chew and Dante - SG


(thanks to Channan Fosty for taking them)

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Debriefing/Thank You

Dear competitors, you were all so awesome at our trial last weekend, THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming! We think it was one of the most smooth regionals we’ve ever hosted (okay, not counting the little chaos of the “consolation”/everyone-else runs of the final courses, although what a kick to get to run them!), mostly because the volunteerism was at all all-time high. So I’m not just being polite when I say again THANK YOU to ALL of you! Apologies for the delay getting out this email expressing our appreciation of everything about the weekend – don’t know how the week got away from me, but I want to get out our thanks and also to let you know that we had a couple photographers at the event. Steve Rice was a little gobsmacked I think at photographing his first ever agility show, but I think he really liked it (he even prepped a little for us by asking me and Diana for practice sessions some months ago). I know I also saw photog Sarah Hitzeman shooting – I’ll let you know if I hear anything from her. PS I’ll be doing a follow-up to this email with a feedback survey, we’ll be wanting to hear from you about everything! We can’t express our appreciation enough of our super team, our amazing village, our CRACK support crew, our best-club-ever, for making this show happen:
  1. They did EVERYTHING and handled an amazing number of glitches and came out the other end smiling: chairs Nancy Gyes and Carol Nash, I love working with you guys so much! I’m all about the food, that was amazing.
  2. HUGE SHOUT OUT to our SAINTED JUDGES Barbara Standiford, Peggy Hammond, Karen Gloor, thank you so much for coming, and for showing us how great our dogs are!
  3. Our course builders and setup angels Jim Basic, Roger Ly, Rob Michalski, Kari Massouth (that’s it: we’re totally adopting her), Robert&Eva Gutierrez (oh yeh we’re adopting these guys too), I think Dustin stepped up too, 4 days three rings, 30 courses, AND a teeter implosion. You guys are the role models that inspire the rest of us to step up as much as we can. It warmed my heart to see how many course builder elves came out of the woodwork to help them.
  4. Our crew chiefs who made sure our judges didn’t have to set any bars – Liza Buckner, Tracy Lovelis, Ivette White, you guys are the face of the sport and of the club for our competitors, and you made us look good.
  5. Our superstar scoring crew, YOU guys are the ones that made MY job so easy, so this is a deeply personal thank you: Bev Serafica, Katrina Parkinson, Briana Freshner (she’s here so much this summer I forgot she’s coming from Utah! we’re 100% adopting her too.), Rebecca King, Gwen Tatsuno, and I saw Tracy Duncan and Roger Ly slipping in quite a bit.
  6. Our tireless support crew – Mia Grant on RV’s and parking (60 RV’s per day!!!), Karen Schwartz on grounds (I know others stepped up on the day Karen couldn’t come, apparently invisibly, because there was no trash and there was always TP!), Carol Bowers (hospitality, you named it and she had it instantly), Laura Hartwick (tshirt artwork! podium creativity! Awards brilliance!), Lonny Elson on the microphone (the music made us sing out loud!), Sophie Webb for crating space wrangling and just about everything else, sainted fulltimers Chandra and Brianie McKeon and Jennifer Minto (saved our bacon by getting us rolling first day), Lisa White for wrangling our awesome vendors (yay SHOPPING!), and thank you to Kathy Quiroz and Roger Ly for wrangling the agility gate iPads and IT support. All of you that stepped up for the lonely job of set-up and teardown, the last and hardest chapter of every show.
I know I only saw a fraction of all the work that everyone put in, I kind of get blinders on, doing my paperwork and stuff, but in my little cave I could feel everyone enjoying themselves and their dogs and their friends and isn’t that what this is all about. I love you guys! /karey
  • If you are vaccinated and obtain a wristband at check-in, you may forgo wearing a mask except for during walkthroughs and when you can’t maintain social distancing outside the ring (the lunchline, bathrooms, the crowd around the results table, the crowd at the worker store, the crowd around someone’s new puppy).
  • If you are unvaccinated (or don’t get a wristband), you must wear a mask at ALL times except for when in your car or personal crating space, or during the time you are inside a ring running your dog.
  • All who have provided proof of vaccination must show up at check-in time on day-of to get a wristband. You may submit proof of your vaccination status (card or QR code) in either of these two ways:
  1. ahead of time: SUBMIT THIS FORM (brings up a google form).(If the form doesn't work for you, you can email a pic of your proof to the trial secretary, which implies you agree to these bullet points.
  2. on day-of: bring your card or QR code to check-in on day-of.

Running Order & Trial Details

Questions to!

Additional Information



Site: Manzanita Park Sports Complex,
17100 Castroville Blvd, Prunedale CA 93907


  • Karen Gloor (CMJ)

  • Barbara Standiford

  • Peggy Hammond (CMJ)

Trial Committee


Closing date: Aug 22, 2021

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