USDAA Western Regional
Sept 2-4 2023 Prunedale, CA


Closing date: Aug 18, 2023

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Site:   Manzanita Park Sports Complex,
17100 Castroville Blvd, Prunedale CA 93907


Trial Committee

Running Order & Trial Details

Preliminary stuff is posted so you can find my boo-boos!!  Questions to

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Results and Maps

  • Of special note (although ALL the winners are special!), congrats to Bob Daigle and Blew Bayou (Ch20" BC) who took the trifecta with a first place in all three tourney classes (GP, Stp, and Biath)!  And this is his second year to do so at this event!
  • Also of note: congrats to Sandy Zajkowski and Ziva on finishing their ADCH on Monday's Standard course.

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