Welcome Back! USDAA
July 3-5, 2021 Prunedale, CA

This show is a combo AKC/USDAA Trial. The Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern CA (ABBA Dogs) is running an AKC Trial from July 2-July 4 (closing June 23rd). There will be 5 rings and don't worry about conflicts, everyone will get their runs in! We encourage you to give AKC a try.

Friday Rehearsal Run Throughs

After the rings are set on Friday, July 2nd (around 4-5pm), rehearsal run throughs in all three rings will start. This is a great training opportunity for all dogs, whether just rusty, new to trialing, or not quite ready for prime-time. One need not be entered in the trial to participate.

Cost is $10/run or $25/3 runs. Each run is 60 sec in length. Cash or check payable at the ring gate only. Toys are allowed, no treats in the ring, please. Please feel free to share this with friends or students.

General Trial Info & Premium

Site: Manzanita Park Sports Complex, 17100 Castroville Blvd, Prunedale CA 93907

Closing date: Friday, June 25, 2021

Premium: Premium (PDF)


  • Evelyn Robertson, Seattle WA

  • Meagan Skelton, Bend OR

  • Kari Massoth, Nampa ID


  • Saturday: Steeplechase, Titling, Biathlon

  • Sunday: Grand Prix, Titling, Combo Pairs

  • Monday: 3-Dog Team, Titling (Std/Adv)

Note: Teams can now include Championship and Performance dogs in any combination. So you can have a team with 3 Championship Dogs, 3 Performance Dogs, 2 Championship and 1 Performance Dog or 2 Performance and 1 Championship Dog. All teams must have 3 dogs (we are not running a 2-dog Team event) and a maximum of 2 jump heights.

Trial Committee

Additional Information

If your confirmation indicates no height card on file, then you have NOT been "pre" checked-in. The official source is the dog record on the new USDAA website. You do have to have an account, but you don't have to pay the subscription fee to get to the information: My Account > Account Dashboard > Click on the dog's name. Screen shot that page, which includes the Actual Height and the Jump Heights. For some reason, they haven't included the Actual Height on the Registration Card so please don't send that. You can email us a screen shot (trialsecretary@bayteam.org) or bring it to the trial (physical copy or just show it to us on your phone).

Pay for Your Entry with PayPal

Paying by PayPal? Send it to paypal@bayteam.org.

You can click on the button below, which will take you to PayPal to pay for your entry. Enter the amount where it says "Price Per Item" and leave the Quantity at 1.

IMPORTANT: submitting a PayPal payment does NOT submit an entry. You must manually submit a signed copy of your entry, either via hardcopy/snail mail or scanned/email. This is the most common payment misconception our competitors have.

Running Order & Trial Details

This section will be updated after closing.

Please take a look at the orders and let me know if we missed anything. Email us at trialsecretary@bayteam.org.

  • General Info, check in times, etc.

  • Entry Summary - Please double check to see if your entry is correct!!!

    • If your "Card" field is blank then you have not been pre-checked-in. If you have a permanent height card or webpage that says "permanent", you can send a scan to the Trial Secretary (trialsecretary@bayteam.org) to get pre-checked-in.

  • Catalog (All Classes and Levels)

  • Timeline guesstimate

  • Overnighter list. If you didn't sign up to camp on-site overnight but want to, email the Trial Secretary (trialsecretary@bayteam.org) ASAP.

  • Here are some answers to newbie questions frequently asked about competing & pairs & measuring in.

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