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We'd love to have you as a member of our club! To join, simply fill out our Membership application and pay the membership dues, which are provided below. Applicants will be notified of acceptance after the application has been reviewed by the Board.

Please review our Bylaws to learn more about how the club operates.

Member Benefits

  • Discounts on runs at most (not all) Bay Team events, providing the member agrees to volunteer at the trial. Details on available discounts will appear in the trial premium.

  • Reimbursement for one USDAA new dog membership per year, paid in the form of Bay Team Trial Certs. Email proof of registration to the club's Vice President to take advantage!

  • Eligibility to participate in our Judges Scholarship Program, intended to encourage our Bay Team members to become judges.

  • Inclusion on the membership e-mail list, through which you'll receive club announcements and occasional messages from other members. Members are encouraged to post trial information, questions, referral requests, and equipment for sale.

  • If you are an agility instructor, you get a free listing on our Bay Area Dog Agility Training Resources page.

Bay Team Membership Dues

Click on the appropriate amount below to be taken to a PayPal page that is pre-populated with the description and dollar amount.

A Household membership covers all handlers living at the same physical address.

If the below links don't work, you can go directly to PayPal and send money to Bay Team's PayPal account which is

If mailing a check, please make it payable to "The Bay Team" and contact our Membership Director to obtain the mailing address.

New Members


If none of your information needs to be updated, you can simply pay the renewal dues check or PayPal. If you need to update your information, please use the Membership Application to provide your name and any new information.

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