Bay Team Event Info

Bay Team is 30 years old! At the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex, awesome grass for our first outdoor trial of the year.

Also on this page: get the tshirt! And the thermos bottle! And Ukraine raffle tickets!

Bay Team wants to offer UKI both in the north and the south! Opens May 11

Our annual 5-ring circus together with the Sheltie Club AKC! This year, only doing Sat-Sun, so you aren't trying to drive home monday during holiday traffic.

Our second NACSW, an NW1 and NW2 trial, in the south bay! Save the date - watch out for it being a friday-saturday!

Upcoming Trial Schedule

Tentative Schedule for 2022

  • May 21-22 2022, USDAA, Morgan Hill CA

  • June 11-12, UKI, Prunedale CA

  • Jul 2-3 2022, USDAA, Prunedale CA

  • Sep 3-4-5 2022, USDAA, Prunedale CA

  • Nov 11-12 2022, NACSW NW1, SanJose CA

  • Dec 3-4 2022, USDAA, Santa Rosa

Tentative Schedule for 2023

  • Jan 14-15-16 2023, USDAA, Santa Rosa

  • Mar 18-19 2023, USDAA, Santa Rosa

  • Apr 22-23 2023, UKI, Santa Rosa?
    Might move to 1st weekend of Mar.

  • Apr 27-28 2023, NACSW NW3, Concord (Thu-Fri)

  • May 20-21 2023, USDAA, Morgan Hill

  • Jul 1-2-3 2023, USDAA, Prunedale

  • Sep 2-3-4 2023, USDAA, Prunedale

  • Nov 10-11 2023, NACSW NW1/2, San Jose

  • Dec 2-3 2023, USDAA, Santa Rosa

Bay Team Trials Prior to 2020

Event info for trials from years prior to 2020 can be found on the Bay Team's archived Wiki.

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