Holiday USDAA Dec 4-5, 2021 Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you for your feedback about this trial via the survey we sent out! Click here for a summary of the survey results.

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Results & Maps & Brags!


  • Ann Kitchen & Ziry, PDCH (Sat GP)

  • Leslie Garrow & Spree, PDCH (Sat Gamblers)

  • Susan Adler & Posey, ADCH (Sat Std)

  • Wendy Krehbiel & Coal, PDCH (Sat Snooker SQ)

  • Dustin Kerwin & Bree, ADCH (Sat Pairs)

  • Nicole Watts & Naju, ADCH-Bronze (Sat Pairs)

  • Linda Wargo & Ziji, PDCH-Bronze (Sun Pairs)

  • Liza Buckner & Jefe, ADCH-Bronze (Sat Snk)

Not new champs but still adorable: Bev Serafica/Karen Chew/Judge Rita Browning


I want to sincerely thank all of the entrants for attending The Bay Team's Winter Holiday trial. This trial could not have happened without your help and support! We had at least 8 ADCH/PDCH championships earned as well as several new metallic titles - gotta love those Combo Relay classes and Snooker classes! I also want to thank Chris Kurtz and Karey Krauter for their amazing secretarial skills and helping in a myriad of ways! We had some wonderful full timers and key workers and crew chiefs and course builders who kept everything moving forward and on time, thank you Carol Nash, Liza Buckner, Leslie Bickel, Dustin Kerwin, Susan Laursen, Gwen Jones, Paul Julander, Bev Serafica, and Lisa White.

We had two wonderful judges, Dave Grems and Rita Browning, who worked tirelessly and designed and tweaked fabulous and fun courses all weekend long. A huge thank you to Erin Cyr at 4PawsPics for the on-site holiday photo backdrop and taking such wonderful photos throughout the trial! Check out the great photos at her gallery and please do support her work by compensating her for any photos you want to post!

And finally, please click this link for a quick survey on your trial experience and comments. Your voice is important and we want you to share your input with us so we can continue to provide the best agility trials in the bay area!

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Kathy Quiroz, Trial Chair

President, The Bay Team

Running Order & Trial Details

Info will be added as it becomes available.

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    • If your "Vax" field is blank then you'll need to wear a mask at all times (except for inside your vehicle), unless you show proof of vaccination at check-in to get a wristband.

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Measuring In

If your confirmation indicates no height card on file, then you have NOT been "pre" checked-in. The official source is the dog record on the USDAA website. You must have an account, but you don't have to pay the subscription fee to get to the information: My Account > Account Dashboard > Click on the dog's name. Screen shot that page, which includes the Actual Height and the Jump Heights. For some reason, they haven't included the Actual Height on the Registration Card so please don't send that. You can email us a screen shot ( or bring it to the trial (physical copy or just show it to us on your phone).

General Trial Info & Premium

Site: Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Lyttle Cow Palace, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa CA 95402

Closing date: Nov 29

Premium: CLICK HERE!

Judges: David Grems & Rita Browning

Classes: TItling & Pairs & GP & Stp

Trial Committee

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