March 30-31, 2023 Concord, CA

Click here for PHOTOS!

Thanks to Katy Robertson for all her time and organization!  "I used a different photo platform this time, so hopefully there won't be any glitches. Each dog has their own gallery with 20-40+ photos in them. The digital downloads are $9 per photo or $65 for the whole gallery. Other products are also available." 

Competitors: please submit this NACSW WAIVER before you compete, thank you!

General Trial Info & Premium

Site: Concord United Methodist Church, 1645 West St, Concord CA

Opening date: Feb 16, 2023

Judges: Scott Blom & Rich Hill
CO: Silke Wittig
Volunteer CoordinatorKarey Krauter
Host: Wendy Krehbiel

Volunteer Form: CLICK HERE!  Thank you!

NW3 Entry Form

available after Feb 16 opening date

Important: Do NOT submit a paypal payment unless you have been informed by the trial secretary, after the draw, that you are in the trial.

This also takes credit cards.

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