Spring USDAA Mar 19-20, 2022 Santa Rosa, CA

Results and Maps

This will be filled in after the event.

THANK YOU to everyone for coming! These are the complete results. If you see a problem (like, you don't see a Q you thought you earned), contact us ASAP before we send all the paperwork into USDAA. The official results will be available on the USDAA subscriber webpages in about a month.


Saturday MapsSaturday Masters  +++  Saturday Adv  +++  Saturday Starters +++ Saturday Biathlon  +++  Saturday GP


Sunday MapsSunday Masters  +++  Sunday Adv  +++  Sunday Starters +++  Sunday Pairs +++ Sunday Steeplechase  


Annette Thomason & Savvy, ADCH-Silver (Sat gam)Sara Siebel & Cooper, PDCH (Sat SQ)Kerry Levin & Kai, Relay Bronze (Sun prs) 


Running Order & Trial Details

Please take a look at the orders and let me know if we missed anything. Email us at trialsecretary@bayteam.org.

General Trial Info & Premium

Site: Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Lyttle Cow Palace, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa CA 95402

Closing date Wednesday March 9


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ONLINE: Email the premium PDF or JPG to the secretary and then pay by paypal.

Judges Karen Gloor/AZ & Lauren Hansen Alers/FL

Classes Saturday GP&Biath, Sunday Stp&Pairs

Trial Committee

Pay for Your Entry with PayPal

Paying by PayPal? Send it to paypal@bayteam.org.

You can click on the button below, which will take you to PayPal to pay for your entry. Enter the amount where it says "Price Per Item" and leave the Quantity at 1.

IMPORTANT: submitting a PayPal payment does NOT submit an entry. You must manually submit a signed copy of your entry, either via hardcopy/snail mail or scanned/email. This is the most common payment misconception our competitors have.

Additional Information

If your confirmation indicates no height card on file, then you have NOT been "pre" checked-in. The official source is the dog record on the new USDAA website. You do have to have an account, but you don't have to pay the subscription fee to get to the information: My Account > Account Dashboard > Click on the dog's name. Screen shot that page, which includes the Actual Height and the Jump Heights. For some reason, they haven't included the Actual Height on the Registration Card so please don't send that. You can email us a screen shot (trialsecretary@bayteam.org) or bring it to the trial (physical copy or just show it to us on your phone).

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