Nov 11-12, 2022
SanJose, CA

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We are using the Agility Gate app for this event,
to keep people informed real-time/right from their phone, on the status of the running order.

  1. Search the app store on your phone for “Agility Gate” (it’s purple – don’t confuse it with the orange Gate Steward app), and download it.

  2. When you bring it up, it will give you a list of the clubs currently running trials (look for “Bay Team”). Which means our Friday/NW2 won’t appear in the app until Thursday night, and our Saturday/NW1 won’t appear until Friday night.

  3. When “Bay Team” does appear, click on it to bring up that day’s list of searches. Click on the search you want to know the status of, and it will bring up the list of dogs in the search, with dogs showing as crossed-off as they complete their turn. Plan on heading over to the warm-up boxes when you see the dogs ahead of you crossed off!

  4. You can swipe left across your dog’s name to change your status to “checked in” or “scratch” or etc. Note the first time you want to change your dog’s status like this, the app will ask for a PIN number.

  5. Additional agility gate app information and hints are here.

General Trial Info

Site: Oasis Church, 1730 Curtner Ave, SanJose CA

Opening date: Thu Sep 29

Judges: Roly Canales, Richard Hill

CO: Wendy Krehbiel

SRL: Cynthia Roberts

VC: Mary Ainsworth

Host: Karey Krauter

Fri NW2 Entry Form

Draw is done, there are 0 people on wait list and 3 on the FEO list (as of 10/9/22)

Sat NW1 Entry Form

Draw is done, there are 24 people on wait list (as of 10/9/22)

IMPORTANT: Do NOT submit a paypal payment

unless you have been informed by the trial secretary, after the draw, that you are in the trial.


($115)This also takes credit cards


($100)This also takes credit cards

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